Prehospital Emergency Medicine

Prehospital emergency medicine is an important area of responsibility in the field of anesthesiology. Switzerland can rely on a dense and well-equipped network of ground and air-based rescue services. Social and demographic changes and the fundamental adjustments in the healthcare system present us with new problems in this area. Therefore, our aim is to bring the high quality and safety standards of in-hospital patient care to the prehospital setting in the sense of evidence-based emergency and intensive care medicine at the patient's home or at the scene of the accident.

Our research includes registry studies, randomized controlled trials and quality assurance studies. In this context, we mentor several master's students and doctoral candidates.

Specific research topics

  • Prehospital resuscitation
  • Prehospital trauma management
  • Acute pain management strategies
  • Diagnostic techniques in the prehospital setting (e.g. point-of-care ultrasonography)
  • Medical education in prehospital emergency medicine
  • Quality management in prehospital emergency medicine
  • Airway management 
  • High altitude medicine

Group Members

Richard Steffen, Dr. med.

Sven Straumann, Dr. med.

Thomas Heidt


  • PD Dr. med. Urs Pietsch, KSSG
  • Dr. med. David Häske, Uniklinik Tübingen
  • Prof. Dr. med. Wolf Hautz, UNZ
  • Prof. Dr. med. Roland Albrecht, Rega
  • Dr. med. Fredy-Michel Roten, KWRO